A wrapper around the ExtJs Library.

Available at nuget

ExtJs 2.2 api

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This project is a .NET wrapper around the excellent javascript library extjs

Example site is offline.

The example site is avaiable at the releases Tab.
_This project depends on ASP.NET AJAX

You have to add the tag below to your web.config
<add name="wwScriptCompressionModule"
( below <httpModules> and <modules> tag.


Calendar Extender

ColorPicker Extender

Grid :

  • Column resizing -The user can resize grid columns
  • Drag and drop column reordering
  • Drag and drop row sorting (version 1.0.3)
  • Context menu to hide, show and sort columns
  • You can get data from webservices, datatable, dataset and sqldatasource
  • Rich client-side api for advanced features
  • You can make the grid look anyway you want just adjusting the css.

Tree Panel :

  • Tree Panel with support for webservices.
  • Tree Panel with drag and drop support
  • Support for inline editing of tree nodes.

TabPanel Control

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